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After writing the article: “5 ways Cyber Dust will change the way millennials do business”, I decided to spend 3 solid months taking my own advice and putting the platform in use to see what kind of results I could get.

During the three months, I’ve grown my network, met a lot of people, and gained new clients. I started telling all of my clients to download Cyber Dust to get better results on their marketing efforts. I got push-back every time because they were overwhelmed with the fact that they were starting a new social media platform with zero followers. Guess what? I started with zero followers as well. While most of my clients viewed that as a bad thing, I saw nothing but good. What a great opportunity to target the followers you really want that are more likely to convert. 

I completed an experiment I would like to share with everyone. I decided to offer my Ebook “Buzz for your business” for free on all three of my social networks. Twitter, Facebook and Cyber Dust. I was interested to see the results, as I have less than 2,000 Cyber Dust followers, while I have over 5,000 Facebook friends and over 7,000 Twitter followers. 

Below is a chart I created based on the results:  

web-traffic-chart        pie-charts

Click Images above to see full size charts

The results are surprising, as the platform with the least amount of followers created the most traffic. I knew that Cyber Dust would have the most success, but I had no idea the numbers would be that significant. Now that I’m looking at these results, I’m confident to say that there are three reasons Cyber Dust comes in first place for marketing. 

1. Community – The Cyber Dust community is strong. I see it as a safe place without trolls, full of positive support. I asked everyone on all of my networks to share the link to my eBook and my Cyber Dust followers didn’t hesitate, as you can see in the chart above. 

2. Urgency – Cyber Dust messages disappear in 30 seconds. That means once you open the text, you have to act quick. This creates an urgency and call to action you have always wanted. It’s not just something someone can scroll past to come back to later. 

3. Targeted – Cyber Dust is new. Chances are, everyone you ask to add you on Cyber Dust are going to have to download the app. This means you can put Cyber Dust on your business cards and get people that YOU want to follow you. Facebook and Twitter have become so polluted with fake users and spam accounts, it’s hard to keep up with who’s following you. 

Like most start-ups, I have an average website with minimal hits. Prior to this promotion

My website was getting 75-100 hits per day.  This promotion not only made a substantial impact on the site traffic the days of the promotion but also since the promotion the site traffic is averaging 500-600 hits per day so the promotion was not only beneficial for driving the promotion but also raising awareness for the website.

I’m no social media expert. I’m just a marketing and PR gal that wants to spread the word when I find something useful for Entrepreneurs to grow their business. I hope this article inspires you to think outside the box and try something new with your social media plan. 

Cheri Garcia 

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