Book Publicity


It’s a big achievement to publish a book, so why not get the word out about it? Cheri Garcia Consulting can position you as an expert on relevant topics and get your book in the media.


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Brand Messaging


Your company’s message needs to be consistent to build a solid brand. Cheri Garcia Consulting will work with your team to come up with the topics you should be interviewed on and which talking points to use.


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Media Relations

Building a broad base of print, broadcast and electronic media coverage is at the heart of our service platform. We employ a full-time media department dedicated exclusively to pitching stories and establishing relationships with reporters who cover our client sectors. In addition to numerous contacts at local DFW media outlets, CGC has long-standing relationships with reporters at national-based publications. Working closely with clients, we devise creative storylines to secure long-lead features in prominent consumer, trade, glossy and business magazines, as well as on popular broadcast programs and influential websites and blogs. Our diverse client roster allows us to maintain relationships with a wide range of journalists, ensuring that our clients receive exposure in media outlets that cater to varied audiences.


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Media Training


The media is always looking for experts who are good on camera. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are, if you’re not good on camera they won’t call you back. Cheri Garcia Consulting will prepare you for all your interviews.


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PR Consulting


Cheri Garcia Consulting will come into your company and give your marketing and PR department training on the right approach to get your company positive publicity.


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PR Planning


Cheri Garcia Consulting will come up with a plan to assist your PR firm. We will come up with story ideas and timelines that are appropriate for the newsroom.

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Social Media Strategy

Social media is one of the fastest ways a story gets around and a name gets known. We have the strategies that harness the power of social media and get people tweeting, linking, and posting about your brand/product.

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Speaker Publicity


Being a public speaker takes talent. If you can share information in front of a live audience, chances are you will be good on camera. Cheri Garcia Consulting can position you as an expert on relevant topics. Having media clips of you in the news on your website will increase your credibility. 

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