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As you know, losing weight is the #1 goal for the New Year, but research from the University of Minnesota shows that after 6 weeks, 80% of people have failed at their New Year’s Resolutions or have forgotten them.

Fitness expert, (your name here) can come in studio and give unique tips on how to eat healthy and still enjoy the same great tastes of the foods you love.

Below are the tips. Of course we can bring in props for each of these to make this a visual segment.

Ditch Ice cream for bananas:
You can still get the taste of ice cream using bananas. All you need is 2 cups of frozen bananas cocoa powder coconut and peanut butter.

Ditch mashed potatoes for Cauliflower:
Get the same great taste of mashed potatoes without the carbs. Just need milk and a little bit of butter and seasoning of your choice!

Ditch Popsicle for frozen grapes:
Keep a bag of frozen grapes in your fridge for healthy late night sweet snacking.

Ditch flour for black beans:
Replace drained and rinsed beans in brownie recipes that call for flour. It’s gluten-free and doesn’t taste as weird as it sounds.

Ditch pasta for squash:
If you’re making spaghetti, you can bake a squash and when you scrape it with a fork, you get noodles that taste just like the real deal with way fewer calories.

More Information on (your name here):
(Insert your credibility here. What makes you an expert?)

  1. Jim Kelly December 26, 2014 Reply

    the cauliflower for mashed potatoes is celebrated in our paleo home!

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