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You are an Entrepreneur and want to get the word out, but you can’t afford to hire a PR firm. I get it. I was there. That’s why I decided to compile a list of 101 PR tips so you can learn how to get yourself publicity. I spent several years working in the newsroom as an assignment editor, meaning I was the person who ignored all your press releases. After I left the news business, I invented a product and started my first company. Knowing how to get my company PR was a huge contributor to my success today. I want to share that knowledge because I understand what it’s like to have a startup. PR retainer fees range anywhere from 3,000-20,000 a month and that’s a hefty fee for a small business owner. I created this Ebook to help the little guys. If you follow these tips and pursue the ideas, you will be successful in doing your own PR.

15 Page Ebook

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