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CyberConfessionsI’ve blogged about how to use Cyber Dust as a tool for your business several times, but today I want to talk about the fun stuff. I follow an account on Cyber Dust called CyberConfessions. It’s an account that asks daily controversial questions that you can answer anonymously, then you get to see all the answers without knowing who sent them in. Following this account has been very interesting to me. For starters, I actually feel normal for once. Questions such as “what is your biggest fantasy” come through and I am shocked at how dirty minded and crazy people can be. Second, I’ve surprised myself a little, as I answer almost every question not knowing who’s on the other side. I kinda get a kick out of sending out my shocking confessions for the world to see without anyone knowing it was me.

The other day I was chatting with the mystery man behind the account and asked him to do an experiment. I wanted him to ask everyone if they have cheated on their spouse in the past year and if they are male or female. (Anything physical counts, including kissing) I found it surprising that more women than men responded yes. Women are so quick to point fingers at the males, but when you have a platform that offers anonymity – they are not so shy to admit guilt!

Here are the results:
24.8% have cheated in the past year
161 men said yes
488 men said no

42% have cheated in the past year.
75 women said yes
103 women said no

Do women cheat more? I don’t know. Probably. BUT what I do know is following this Cyber Dust account has been really interesting to follow because you know you are getting genuine answers from real people without judgement or trolling.

If you want to join in on fun, download Cyber Dust and add CyberConfessions. Check out the questions and answers. If you’re feeling bold enough, give your own confession.

Dust you later,

Cheri Garcia

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  1. TremayneStarr March 03, 2015 Reply

    I would have to say those stats are surprising. I already assumed women cheated more but I would never have thought 42 % in the last year. Wow! You have to do more of these articles. It would be interesting to know how many cheated with that so call “just a friend!” Ha, amazing!

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