After writing the article: "5 ways Cyber Dust will change the way millennials do business", I decided to spend 3 solid months taking my own advice and putting the platform in use to see what kind of results I could get. During the three months, I've grown my network, met a lot of people, and gained new clients. I started telling all of my clients to download Cyber Dust to get better results on their marketing efforts. I got push-back every time because they were overwhelmed with the fact that they were starting a new social media platform with zero followers. Guess what? I started with zero followers as well. While most of my clients viewed that as a bad thing, I saw nothing but good. What a great opportunity to target the followers you really want that are more likely to convert. Read more
My favorite thing about social media is that there's always a way to market your business for free. New technology comes out all the time and if you're one of the first people to figure out how to use it to leverage business, you're going to be ahead of your competition. When Mark Cuban released Cyberdust, I knew it would be a great tool to market your business. I mean seriously, would Mark create something that wouldn't create more money for business? Hello. As a millennial myself, I can attest to already doubling my income using Cyberdust. Below are 5 ways you can grow your business using ephmeral technology. Read more
Don’t neglect your talents to pursue your dream- Your dream is to be a singer, rockstar, and inventor, whatever. Everyone says follow your dreams and the money will come. It’s trickier than that. You have to have income coming in while you’re building. Use your talents in other areas to make money while you are creating more. Don’t quit your day job. Stop stressing out- The more you stress about money, the harder it is to get. Trust me, I know. Remind yourself how far you have come every night before bed. Count your blessings and be thankful. The positivity will overflow into your next day and make you a better salesman with whatever you are selling. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket- You hear that saying all the time. It’s true. You need different sources of income. I don’t care if it’s $10/hr. from 3 different companies or $2,000/month from 20 different clients. Either way, multiple streams of income will not only help you survive, but will also allow you to invest in more ways to make money. Stop complaining and work harder- If you spent as much time working on your situation as you do complaining […] Read more