DALLAS, August 11, 2015 – RentEval, a real estate services smartphone application, announced today the procurement of a $250,000 investment from an unnamed angel investor. The investment allows Cheri Garcia, RentEval CEO and serial entrepreneur, to acquire majority stake in the company, which was launched in 2013. Garcia took her company RentEval, through Tech Wildcatters, a prestigious Dallas based mentor-driven seed funding and technology accelerator, from March until May 2015. RentEval offers a mobile property evaluation application which streamlines an otherwise tedious property management task. Using this application, property managers can document the condition of a unit, suite, or home using an intuitive interface. With RentEval, reports can be generated which include photographs and notes captured on site. RentEval has garnered interest from large scale property management groups and entrenched real estate technology companies and already has several valuable Dallas-based customers. Garcia first got involved with RentEval as a consultant. She took the idea to Code Launch 2013, an annual competition of embryonic stage technology startups held by software company Code Authority, Inc., for 50% equity in the company. She won and RentEval was created. Less than two years later, Code Authority’s shares were bought out. Less than 3 months […] Read more
The other day I was chatting with the mystery man behind the account and asked him to do an experiment. I wanted him to ask everyone if they have cheated on their spouse in the past year and if they are male or female. (Anything physical counts, including kissing) I found it surprising that more women than men responded yes. Women are so quick to point fingers at the males, but when you have a platform that offers anonymity - they are not so shy to admit guilt! Read more
As you know, losing weight is the #1 goal for the New Year, but research from the University of Minnesota shows that after 6 weeks, 80% of people have failed at their New Year's Resolutions or have forgotten them. Fitness expert, (your name here) can come in studio and give unique tips on how to eat healthy and still enjoy the same great tastes of the foods you love. Read more
Research from the University of Minnesota shows that after 6 weeks, 80% of people have failed at that their New Year's Resolutions or have forgotten them. Most of us go into the New Year with full intention to stay on top of our goals. I'm personally guilty of this because I'm always 100% sure that by the time summer comes around, "I'm going to look like a fitness model!" Although I still haven't achieved fitness model status, I do take goal setting serious and think everyone else should too. Below I compiled a list of my top 5 favorite apps to use to help you along the way with your New Years resolutions. Read more
News stories always need to be timely and relevant. When coming up with a story idea, one of the easiest ways to come up with something clever is to use a national awareness day. I've attached a national awareness calendar to this blog for your use. Feel free to come back in the future as you're planning your media campaigns. Read more