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My favorite thing about social media is that there’s always a way to market your business for free. New technology comes out all the time and if you’re one of the first people to figure out how to use it to leverage business, you’re going to be ahead of your competition. When Mark Cuban released Cyberdust, I knew it would be a great tool to market your business. I mean seriously, would Mark create something that wouldn’t create more money for business? Hello. As a millennial myself, I can attest to already doubling my income using Cyberdust. Below are 5 ways you can grow your business using ephmeral technology.

#1 – Networking

Do you attend networking meetings? You can rely on people to save your business card and remember to follow up… or you can guarantee you’ll get their undivided attention when YOU want. Here’s how: You meet someone you really want to connect with at a networking meeting. When they ask for your business card, tell them about Cyberdust. I’ve done this 100 times. NOBODY has ever turned me down from downloading the app right away and adding my username. Exchange business cards because it’s the nice thing to do… and then write their username on their business card so you can follow up when you want and have their undivided attention.

#2 – Customer Service

Cyberdust is a great tool for extreme customer service. Try it. Create a customer service username for your company. Put it on your website on the contact form (or at your storefront). Let customers know that they will have a response within 24 hours and the customer can remain completely anonymous. When customers wait too long for a call back or a response or feel like they are not dealing with a real person, they will go to Yelp or Twitter and let the whole world know. If you work with clients- have them download the app. You will get things done faster for clients and they will feel like you’re not putting them on the back burner by prioritizing emails.

#3 – Advertising

If you are ever at a industry specific trade show or speaking at an event – add Cyberdust as one of your social media accounts. You are now targeting people who are your potential clients. You are able to create blasts and give tips and updates to people who you know like what you’re sending and you have their undivided attention for 30 seconds. I’ve found this to be the easiest and most effective way to build followers and become a thought leader in my industry.

#4 – Sales

If you’re a great salesman, you can probably cold call any company with confidence, but even the most confident sales person can’t always get through the gate keeper. Go to twitter and put #Cyberdust. You will stumble across tons of people you would love to work with. Cyberdust is still new so you will most likely always get direct attention from a major CEO as well as a response. Want to take it a little further? Offer a service you KNOW you’re good at for free. People don’t usually say no to any offer with just 30 seconds to think about it. If your work is good enough, you could have just landed that dream client… without one cold call.

#5 – Pitching the Media

News reporters get 800-1000 emails a day. I know, I used to work in the media industry. More and more reporters are downloading Cyberdust and it’s only growing. Find a reporter on Cyberdust and find what he/she covers. Position yourself as an expert and pitch your story idea. Most story ideas get ignored or deleted from mass emails but with Cyberdust, a reporter has 30 seconds to give you a yes or no. A no is better than being ignored, because now you know you need to re-work the story for the next reporter and make it better.

It is my prediction that ephemeral technologies such as Cyberdust will change the way mellennials do business. My advice to you is to learn new technology while it’s still new… or else you’ll be sitting in a lunch & learn one day trying to pick up something everyone else is already using.


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