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Research from the University of Minnesota shows that after 6 weeks, 80% of people have failed at that their New Year’s Resolutions or have forgotten them. Most of us go into the New Year with full intention to stay on top of our goals. I’m personally guilty of this because I’m always 100% sure that by the time summer comes around, “I’m going to look like a fitness model!” Although I still haven’t achieved fitness model status, I do take goal setting serious and think everyone else should too. Below I compiled a list of my top 5 favorite apps to use to help you along the way with your New Years resolutions.

Mint: Mint will help you get on a budget and stay on a budget if you use the app right. If you’re trying to eliminate debt and save money, this could be the app for you.

Lose It: Track your weight loss progress with this app. This app allows you to enter the foods you are eating, and it automatically calculates if you’re over or under your calories for the day.

Cyber Dust: Grow your brand and business by connecting with thought leaders in your industry. If you are following the right people and the right people are following you, you will see results quickly.

Timeful: is an intelligent calendar app mixed with a to-do list. The app’s algorithm learns how you get stuff done and smartly suggests ways to build new habits and get things taken care of, all on your own terms.

21&Different: Created by a man who wanted to quit smoking. This is an app that helps you reach all of your goals with small changes each day. There are suggested daily habits in the app as well as options for you to add your own goals.

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